Presenting at the 2018 Annual Blair Annual Conference Blair in Nashville, Tennessee at the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown from Thursday, October 11th through Sunday, the 14th. looking for Meniere's patients do do demonstrations of consultations and examinations.
Dr Burcon is the only doctor that has presented at every international Meniere's seminar over the past twelve years, including he Barany Society Meeting June 16 at the Grand Intercontinental in Seoul, Korea, the House Ear Institute in Los Angeles, the Prosper Meniere Society in Austria, the Politzer Society at Cleveland Clinic and the International Symposiums on Meniere’s Disease in Kyoto, Japan and Rome, Italy.
While attending Sherman College of Chiropractic he restored the electroencephaloneuromentimpograh, used it for pattern analysis on patients in student clinic and published an article about the experience in Chiropractic Economics. Dr. Burcon designed the medical computer system for NASA’s international space station, appeared in the “Up and Coming” section of People Magazine, has a short story in A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul and developed the first chiropractic board game, The BOARD. He authored the first published peer reviewed paper by a chiropractor on Trigeminal Neuralgia and his Meniere’s paper appears in Upper Cervical Subluxation Complex, A Review of the Chiropractic and Medical Literature. He has produced five “Health Talk” documentaries for GRTV that are available on DVD and You Tube. Burcon is particularly honored by his “Above and Beyond Award” for volunteering his chiropractic services at Ground Zero. The Burcon Chiropractic Research Institute Concierge, a special service for our out-of-State patients. Each year hundreds of patients come to The Burcon Chiropractic Research Institute from across the United States for specialized chiropractic care that is often not available close to home. To make your healthcare experience with us as easy as possible, we offer a special concierge service exclusively for our out-of-state patients and their families. Our Concierge, Jane Burcon, will assist you before, during and after your Grand Rapids visit. You arrive Sunday afternoon and depart the following Sunday morning. The doctor will see you three times on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, once on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. A Convenient Comprehensive Service, just like the concierge at a fine hotel, your Burcon Chiropractic Concierge will help facilitate and coordinate your experience and your visit to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Here are the services we provide:

•Assist with coordinating multiple appointments. 
•Assist with hotel reservations. 
•Arrange taxi or car service between the airport and hotel. 
•Provide information about leisure activities for family members. 
*Extra time spent with you by the doctor
*Extra doctor visits on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
*One year of support by doctor after your visit 

The Chiropractic Concierge will assist with all your appointments. Jane is available Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (EST), or you can e-mail any questions. (616) 575-9990 ;

One week of intensive care treatment: 
~Pattern work
~Report of findings 
~Assistance finding local doctor for follow care
~One year of support via telephone and/or e-mail
There are ten hotels within one mile of our office. This is our favorite:
Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn Grand Rapids East Company Name: Burcon Chiropractic Ask Jane about our discount.

Your insurance may reimburse about 20% depending on your deductible and co-pays. Blue Cross Blue Shield does a good job.

Long distance consultation... $1,000. 
1) Send filled in paper work (down load bottom of page 2) 
2) MRI of head (CD ordered by your ENT and taken at local hospital), copies of all reports and X-rays of neck (as 
detailed bottom page 2) 

Analysis by Dr. Burcon followed by one hour phone consultation with recommendations and referral. Will be applied towards $3,000. Intensive care package if you decide to visit us.

Local Meniere's Concierge Patients will be seen Monday, Wednesday and Friday for four weeks for $3,000. Your insurance may cover about half of our services.

House calls anywhere in the world... $3,000/day plus all expenses
 International Research and Philosophy Symposium (IRAPS)

Meniere's Power Point Presentation

Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia Presentation

Heart Rate Variability Study 2014