Success Story

January 31, 1999 I suffered from Meniere’s Syndrome, or loss of balance, spinning and dizziness for forty-five years. I had all these things, which went along with it: nausea, ringing in my ears, falling with the resulting broken bones and pain. It’s a force that could really throw me to the floor at times. I could not look up or down, or lie flat without the spinning starting immediately. So, to avoid falling, I learned to walk around by walls, and to keep my head steady or level and to hang onto everything.

Michigan University Hospital in Ann Arbor, Wesley Memorial Hospital in Chicago and many neurosurgeons in Michigan, Illinois and Florida could do nothing to help me - only medication, which would make me sleep.Three months ago, Dr Michael Burcon gave me a treatment. I couldn’t believe it. I was no longer dizzy! The next day, I realized all the ringing in my ears and other noises in my head were gone! I am still free from the dizzy spinning and I’m eighty-five years old. 

Mrs. Geraldine Hesselsweet