Dr Mike makes House Call 'Down Under'
Sydney Opera House

Specialty gains doctor trip Down Under
Ada/Forest Hills ADVANCE
September 13, 2000

With the Olympic games just over the horizon, Cascade chiropractor Michael Burcon may have been the only American to leave Australia in the last few weeks.

While thousands of American citizens are descending on Sydney to attend this month’s games, Burcon has flown back to West Michigan to resume his practice and his life.

Burcon experienced the land down under for very different reasons than most. He didn’t go to Australia to watch people move around the track; instead, he went to help New South Wales resident Greg Buchanan to learn how to regain movements lost in a sports accident.

Buchanan was injured in a rugby match three years ago, an accident in which he was slammed to the ground and knocked unconscious for a brief period.

Since the accident, Buchanan has suffered from a number of problems, which local doctors thought were not related. During the past three years, Buchanan has suffered a number of physical problems, including ringing in the ears, loss of balance, digestive and shoulder muscle problems.

Buchanan underwent Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) surgery through a medical doctor, several adjustments by a general chiropractor, and traveled to the United States to be examined at Minnesota’s Mayo Clinic before beginning to study anatomy and searching for someone to heal his set of seemingly unrelated problems.

In the course of his search, Buchanan discovered Burcon’s web site, and found what the Australian believed to be his answer in the form of specific chiropractic upper cervical procedure.

Buchanan invited Burcon to his home outside Sydney, in rural New South Wales on the central coast of Australia.
Burcon, who specializes in adjusting the top vertebra of the spine, is one of a growing number of doctors who believe that many conditions can be corrected by the adjustment of two bones of the spine.

According to Burcon, correcting the position of atlas, a single, two-ounce, doughnut-shaped vertebra; or axis, the second bone of the spine, can effect or completely eliminate many different conditions, including allergies, asthma, attention deficit disorder, back pain, bed wetting, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, ear infections, high or low blood pressure, loss of sleep, and migraines.

“Five of the twelve cranial nerves originate in the brainstem,” said Burcon. “The base of the brain controls many important bodily functions, such as breathing, blood pressure, the sleep center, and balance. Adjusting atlas can take the pressure off from the brainstem, affecting many problems.

Burcon spent an enjoyable two weeks in Australia, and was able to alleviate many of Buchanan’s symptoms. The travel experience included a bit of sight seeing and the unique taste of kangaroo.